Program outline

9th Ljubljana Refractive Surgery Meeting

17th – 18th May 2019 / Ljubljana, Slovenia

Honorary guest lecture

Michael Mrochen, Switzerland
Innovation in Ophthalmology: Why and how?

Scientific programe

Friday, 17th of May

09.00 – 18.00 Conference
Grand Hotel Union, Miklošičeva 1, 1000 Ljubljana

8.55 Introduction: Kristina Mikek

Symposium 1: Cataract surgery

Moderators: Nataša Vidović Valentinčič, David O Brart

9.00 Nataša Vidović Valentinčič, Slovenia
Cataract surgery and uveitis

9.15 David O Brart, UK
Recent research on FLACS

9.40 Rok Grčar, Slovenia
FLACS vs. manual – video presentation

9.55 Kristina Mikek, Slovenia
Why offer FLACS to the premium IOL patients

10.00 Baha Toygar, Turkey
FLACS: Experiences with different platforms

10.10 Igor Šivec Trampuž, Slovenia
Use of different OVDs in cataract surgery

10.25 – 11.00 Coffee break

Symposium 2: Iregular cornea and keratokonus

Moderators: Carina Koppen, Irena Irman Grčar

11.15 David O Brart, UK
Crosslinking treatment with review of up to date clinical studies

11.35 Carina Koppen, Belgium
Corneal crosslinking does not succed in avoiding speciality lens dependence

11.50 Maja Bohač, Croatia
Same day CXL and corneal wavefront guided PRK in keratokonus

12.05 Marjan Irman, Slovenia
Topography guided custom surface ablation for refractive and therapeutic reasons

12.20 Andreja Veselica, Slovenia
LASIK or surface ablation in laser vision correction, why is LASEK still the best option in some cases

Lunch: 12.45 – 14.00 Hotel union – ground level

Symposium 3: Refractive surgery – cornea or lens surgery

Moderators: Kristina Mikek, Aylin Kilic

14.00 Matej Beltram, Slovenia
Role of epiphora in the refractive status of the eye and overview of surgical treatment options

14.15 Aylin Kilic, Turkey
Hyperopic LASIK progression: alternative treatment method

14.30 Špela Štunf, Slovenia
Refractive surgery and glaucoma

14.45 Luca Gualdi, Italy
Laser scleral microporation: biomechanical changes and improved visual performance after a new presbyopia treatment

15.00 Umit Beden, Turkey
Oculoplastic for the refractive surgeons

15.15 Tomislav Šarenac, Kristijan Orthaber, Tina Lovrec Krstič Slovenia
Contact lens as a drug delivery system

15.30 -16.00 Coffee break

16.00 Honorary guest lecture

Michael Mrochen, Switzerland
Innovation in Ophthalmology: Why and how?

Symposium 4: Presbyopia correction and premium IOLs

Moderators: Petra Schollmayer,  GuenalKahraman

16.45 Guenal Kahraman, Austria
»Reversible Multifocality«

17.00 Dušan Pušnik, Slovenia
Wide choice of IOL and various »algorithms« of the choice

17.15 Marko Hawlina, Slovenia
Long term results with Fine Vision diffractive trifocal presbyopia correcting IOL

17.30 Petra Schollmayer, Slovenia
Presbyopia correction with new EDOF Mini Well toric IOL

17.45 Baha Toygar, Turkey
FLACS: Experiences with different platforms


Saturday, 18th of May

09.00 – 14.00 Conference
Grand Hotel Union, Miklošičeva 1, 1000 Ljubljana

Symposium 5: Cataract surgery refractive surgery

Moderators: Manca Tekavčič Pompe, Edoardo  Midena

9.00 Manca Tekavčič Pompe, Slovenia
Refraction after congenital cataract

9.15 Edoardo Midena, Italy
Refractive surgery in diabetes patients

9.30 Katja Matovič, Slovenia
Occlusive retinal vasculitis after cataract surgery

9.45 Aylin Kilic, Turkey
Unhappy patient after MFIOL: reasons and management

10.00 Xhevat Lumi, Slovenia
Where anterior segment and posterior segment surgery meet

10.30 -11.00 Coffee break

Symposium 6: Cataract surgery and refractive surgery

Moderators: Igor Šivec Trampuž, Špela Štunf

11.00 Mojca Urbančič, Slovenia
Combining cataract surgery and anti-VEGF therapy

11.15 Irena Irman Grčar, Slovenia
Experience with trifocal IOLS – Panoptix

11.30 Michael Mrochen, Switzerland
Individualized vision correction based on vision behavior data

11.45 Špela Štunf, Slovenia
Demodex blepharitis

12.00 Victor Derhartunian, Austria
Refractive and therapeutic application of trans – PRK

Moderators: Igor Šivec Trampuž, Špela Štunf

13.00 Closing remarks